My German

How and when

I learned German when I was 22. I had already learned English, Spanish, Portuguese and French, so I wanted also a more difficult language to learn, and I decided to learn German. But with German, I made many mistakes.  

I thought I could learn German the same way I learned other languages. But of course German is not a Romance language, and at that time I did not understand that I had to tweak my method for each language, and because of that, I have learned German the wrong way

But later I even made a bigger mistake. I started learning German when I was at the last year of University, and I had many things to do, and after a year I still could not speak German well. After University, I flew to London to live there and to find a job, and unfortunately I did not have much time to study German.

And even when I came back to Italy, I had to find another job, and so my attention was no longer on language learning. Then, unfortunately, after some time I realized that I had forgotten my German. So, I decided to study languages again, but the first thing I had to do was to improve my German. And I read many books and many newspaper articles, but sometimes I still speak broken German.


I have already been several times in Germany, I was in Berlin, Munich and Cologne, and I have been twice in Austria, in Vienna, but always in winter, so it was always very cold…


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