My Dutch

How and when

I learned Dutch a few years ago. I wanted to learn Dutch, because I already spoke English and German, so I thought Dutch would not be too difficult. And yes, for me it was not as difficult as for example German, but not too easy.

Dutch as a foreign language is not very popular, and this is a shame, because if your native language is English or German, maybe Dutch is the easiest foreign language, and it can also be a bridge to other languages.

The biggest problem I have with Dutch, is that every time I meet Dutch people, and I want to speak a little Dutch with them, they answer me in English! And they tell me: “But why on earth did you learn Dutch ?!” … I can understand them, their English is often much better than my Dutch, and generally speaking English is always easier for everyone. I know that it also means that my Dutch is not very good, but it’s a shame, because I never have the chance to speak Dutch.

Dutch is a language that I do not speak very well, so I try to improve it and practice it every day.


I have been in Holland, but I did not speak Dutch at the time. I have been in Amsterdam and Maastricht, but also in a small town called Geleen, I have friends there. Amsterdam is a great multicultural city, and I hope to go back there soon.


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