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How and when

Since I was a kid, I  have always had a special affection for Spanish and the whole Spanish culture. For example, I always liked football, and especially international football. I remember that every Wednesday I bought a sports magazine to check the results of the European leagues, but especially the Spanish League, and since at that time I liked Real Madrid a lot, the first thing I always did was checking its scores, to see if they won or not, and who had scored the goals.

Since then I’ve always had the idea of learning Spanish one day, and I finally started doing so in 2003, when I decided to learn a language every year… and, of course, I started with Spanish, which for an Italian is the easiest language. I started using a course by an Italian publishing house called DeAgostini, but as soon as I finished it, I started reading sports news on the internet, and I started to do this every day for half an hour more or less, and other than that,I started listening to Spanish radio, but most of all reading, for example I read almost all books by Gabriel García Márquez and Isabel Allende.


I have traveled a bit around Spain, but I have never lived there. For example, I visited Madrid a few times, Barcelona 4-5 times, I’ve been also to Valencia, but I still have a lot to cover to know all of Spain. In the Americas, I’ve been to Cuba and the Dominican Republic, where I had the opportunity to practice Spanish, but also to play a little with the accent, trying to imitate the pronunciation from the Caribbean, or even the ones from South America, for example when I meet travelers from Argentina. Of course one day I would love to go to Mexico, Argentina, Colombia and other countries.


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