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How and when

After English and Spanish, Portuguese was the third language that I tried to learn. It was in 2004 and it was mainly because, speaking Spanish already, I had the impression that Portuguese was quite similar to it, so I thought it would not be very difficult to learn.

At the time, I couldn’t find many courses in Portuguese, so the only book that I used was a introductory book to the Portuguese grammar, by an Italian publisher called Vallardi, which is the same book that I always use to learn more about the languages I want to learn. And then, as with all other languages, I started reading the news, especially sports news. I like football, and actually my favorite player has always been a Brazilian player, Ronaldo, the Phenomenon, I think everybody knows him. I’ve always been a big fan, and when he went to Spain to play for Real Madrid, that has helped me a lot learning Spanish, because I started to read a lot more press, and I learned quicker. A year later I decided to also learn Portuguese. When I could speak it well enough, I also started reading books by Paulo Coelho, in Portuguese of course, and this helped me a lot. and I even started listening to Brazilian music.

It is because of these cultural influences that I speak Brazilian Portuguese, but also because I find it more musical, and, who knows, maybe more exotic for me, and it can also be easier to understand.

Unfortunately I do not have many opportunities to speak Portuguese, but the truth is that for me it is always a great pleasure.


Some years ago I also visited Lisbon and Rio de Janeiro. Unfortunately, these two cities were the only ones that I visited during my trip in Portugal and Brazil, so I still have a lot to discover in these two countries. In Rio de Janeiro I stayed for a week and it was an amazing experience… the scenery, the beauty of nature, people, football… It really is a wonderful city.


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