My Japanese

How and when

I started studying Japanese in 2008. Since at that time I was always looking for new jobs, I did not have much time to study Japanese.

Because of this, I only learned the syllabaries (hiragana and katakana) and the most important words.

After that, for eight years, I did not study Japanese at all.

Of course, I forgot everything. Last year I decided to study again.

My Japanese is not good. I still have to study a lot! The truth is that Japanese is really difficult! I study every day for 30 to 45 minutes.

Every morning I read the news from NHK in easy Japanese and in Roman letters, I listen to the news and then I talk a bit about the articles.

I can’t read Kanji characters yet, but I just started studying them. Every day I learn new characters on Memrise. Before the end of the year I want to learn all of the “Kyōiku kanji”.

I have always loved Japanese culture. Back to the school days, I always watched Japanese cartoons. My favorites “anime” were Captain Tsubasa and Saint Seiya. I always said that one day I would have liked to know Japanese.


I’ve never been to Japan, but I absolutely would like to go. It’s my dream especially to go to Tokyo and Kyoto.


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