My Greek

How and when

I started to learn Greek two years ago, because I’m from Naples and I decided to learn more about the history of my city, which was founded by the Greeks.

I thought that if I want to know the history of Naples, I also have to understand a bit of Greek.

Two years ago, here in Naples, I met friends from Greece, from near Athens, and I told them that I wanted to learn Greek, and I wanted to do so in less than a year.

And I did so, and when I went back to Greece the following summer, I could speak some Greek.

Now it’s almost two years that I am studying Greek. But the truth is that I only study for ten or fifteen minutes every day, reading articles on the internet, and other things.


In summer I like to spend holidays in Greece, but of course I can not go there every year.

My first time in Greece was five years ago, it was on a cruise in the Greek islands (Rhodes, Santorini and Mykonos among others). But my first time in Athens was two years ago, when I was on holiday in Athens for three days and one week in Paros. Last year I went back to Greece, this time in Corfu for a week. The truth is that Greece is wonderful… and when we Southern Italians go to Greece, we always feel like we are at home.


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