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How and when

French was the fourth language I learned, in 2005. I already knew that it was a very important language, and that I absolutely had to learn it, so I started to study it the same way as other languages, reading the introductory books explaining grammar rules, and even with a French course by an Italian publisher called DeAgostini. But as soon as I could, I began to read the news on the internet, and in particular sports news and French football news.

But I also started quite early reading the classics of French literature. I read, for example, “The Count of Monte Cristo” by Alexandre Dumas, and “Les Miserables” and “Notre Dame de Paris” by Victor Hugo, and many more, but I did not read the original versions, because there were too many difficult words and sentences, and instead I used adapted versions for students, and this has helped me a lot to improve my French, while reading interesting stories.

After that, I also started listening to the radio and watching TV, especially international news on TV5 and France24, in fact I used that to improve my comprehension.


I have been to France many times, when I was 13 I visited Paris for the first time with my father, but after that I came back, I think, 5-6 times. In France, I was also in Nice and Cannes with my family, and we also visited Monaco. But I have never been anywhere else in France, I don’t know cities like Marseille, for example. Also, I’ve never been to Canada, or in other French-speaking country, and that’s a shame, but I hope I’ll have the opportunity to visit these cities and countries soon.


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