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How and when

English has been the first foreign language that I’ve learned. I honestly can’t say exactly when I started with English, I was probably 8 years old or something like that… I probably started by listening to my sister’s albums, we had CD’s at the time… and most of them had booklets on the inside with lyrics. So I would just try and follow along and try to understand what was said in the songs.

And then probably the turning point for me was my first trip abroad, with my father, when I was just 11. We went to London, and I absolutely fell in love with the city. It was 1995, Brit-Pop was everywhere, and I even started buying my own albums.

Back in Italy, I couldn’t get London out of my head, so I started reading all the schoolbooks that I could find… And then I discovered MTV, which was in English only at that time. So, yes, music definitely played a huge role for me, it has basically introduced me to English and American culture, and of course to English language.

Later, internet came, and I started reading news everyday, I even started following American Sports, and then I also started reading books and watching movies in the original language, and I basically never stopped from there.


I’ve been to London several times, it has always been one of my favorite cities in the world… at one point I even stayed there for 3 months, right after my degree. But other than London, I’ve never been anywhere else in the United Kingdom. London and Dublin are the only English-speaking cities I’ve ever been, and, yes, I’ve never been to the United States either, and I honestly can’t wait to go there one day.


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