What is Language Coaching?

And what is the difference with language classes?

The proverb goes:

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”

Basically, it’s the same difference…

In language classes, a language teacher will give you lessons, and every lesson will focus on a different topic, be it a grammatical rule, or a specific construction, or a specific verb tense. You will have to passively follow the lesson plan somebody else set for you, stick to the textbook, and you will not move forward unless you have mastered the previous lesson.

You are not in charge of your language learning process.
 Especially if it’s group classes…

Now, most people that I have met, that have successfully learned a language, have managed to do so using a completely different approach.
And here comes Language Coaching into play.

A Language Coach makes a specific plan based on you and your interests, and teaches you, not how to form the past tense or conjugate an irregular verb, but how to better manage your time so that you can regularly fit in your study session, how to make language learning a habit, how to keep your motivation high, what materials to use, how and when; and most of all he will teach you to keep the whole thing relevant to you.
A language coach shows you how to be in charge of your own language learning process, so that you can enjoy it and be successful.

You can request a coaching session before starting your language learning journey, and that will kick-start everything else. After that, you can schedule a weekly session or a monthly session, or you can have one whenever you think you need help, to practice your conversation skills, or ask advice on a specific topic..

The whole goal of language coaching is to maximize your potential, helping you to become a successful independent learner and teach yourself a foreign language.

So, what are you waiting for? Book a session or a package now!

Kick-start Session


50 € | 25 €

1 session – Limited availability!

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You want to learn a language but you don’t know where to start? Book this session first!
Together we will find the most efficient method based on your goals and interests, one that will really work for you! After this 1-hour session, you will be ready to tackle your language fears and start teaching yourself! It includes free material.

Kick-start Package


180 € | 90 €

4 sessions – Limited availability!

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You know what you want, right? The kick-start package includes the kick-start session, and 3 more check-point sessions, on a weekly or monthly basis, where you can show me your progress, where we can discuss together about the hurdles that you might have encountered, discuss any other doubt that you might have, or just simply kick-start your conversation skills!

Coaching Program


500 € | 250 €

12 sessions – Limited availability!

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Let me help you reach your goals! Be it over 3 months or 1 year, I will be there and help you on your journey to foreign language success! The program includes the kick-start package and 8 more check-point sessions for you to show your progress and practice your skills in a comfortable and relaxed environment!